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Natural Geography - Environment & Climate

The south cast of the county of Rethymno is named "Gialia".

Along with the inland is the center of South Crete. Continuous beaches surrounded by high hills and in between, green valleys filled with flowers and aroma. Between the high mountains the gorges Kourtaliotis, Kotsifou and Mesa gorge allow the access between the north and the south compiling a special landscape. Getting down from the mountains you meet, olive farms, small hills, streams, rare flowers and herbs. All these changes in the landscape end in magnificent beaches with cristal clear waters. The area of Gialia has a special dry and warm climate (mediterannean). In the winter sot winds from Africa heat the atmosphere living the sun to reach the freely Plakias and the nearby villages. The sun in this area is 92%. In the summer the north winds from the mountains bring cool breezes. The cleanliness and brightness ofthe atmosphere is very tense and control the human feelings.