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The island of the first European civilization (Minoans).

The southest part of Europe. The place where visitors are being protected by Gods. The area where the princess Europe fell in love with Zeus. Welcome to the Phoinix perfecture. Leave behind all these that stress you and leave your myth, be part of the history. Conquer the area or leave yourself to be conquered by it. Discover the many aspects of our area, meet all the different view of nature in every corner. Find out about the secrets of the Cretans for long living, the olive oil, cheeses, fruits but also the smile and the joy of life. The Mediterranean climate will fill you with positive energy through the wide light from the sun during the day. You may admire the colours of the horizon during the sun set.. and when the night comes, filled with stars, the shine Cretan sky is majestic. The endless stars from the sky seem to be jealous and try to dive to the crystal waters of the bay.